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Women of Color and Capital 

Virtual Summit

MAY 29, 2021 || 10AM EST



Actively participate in our Virtual Summit! You are just a click away from encouragement, education, uplifting support and access to a priceless network dedicated specifically to women of color in the financial sector!

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Women of Color and Capital™ is where diverse women entrepreneurs and professionals come together to learn about money, finance, business capital and investing from a 360-degree lens. 

WCC is a woman led initiative with a global collection of savvy financiers, entrepreneurs and professionals with a wealth of finance knowledge to share.  

Learn from our experiences, collect a perspective unique to our demographic, and gain clarity on how to implement your financial game-plan.  Our in-demand panel experts provide you with the tools, resources and network to enjoy the life of your dreams on your own terms. Take control of your financial destiny - now is the time to thrive!

Are you working on your financial plan? Not sure what your next actionable step is or how to successfully raise capital for your business passion? Perhaps you want to get into investing but are anxious or are worried you aren’t doing it as effectively and profitably as you can. No matter what your monetary pain point is, we are here to lend guidance every step of the way. 

The intention behind our virtual summit is to provide women of color every opportunity to educate themselves on finances: wealth building, capital for businesses, investing and fund management. We deliver experienced financial knowledge through our speakers, industry expert led masterclasses and courses, as well as a supportive network of like-minded determined people that have your back and understand exactly what you’re going through. 

This can be the year that changed your life. It is never too late to educate yourself with financial knowledge while adding more skills to your tool set. We are on a mission to help thousands of women build intergenerational wealth, see investment success, manage funds as well as build and sustain profitable companies. 

Taking steps toward a financially secure future is always a great idea.





Generational wealth are assets that are passed down from one generation to another. This contributes to the financial security of the next generation. However, women of color in particular have been historically locked out of the opportunities to obtain assets in order to build a solid future for themselves, their families and their children.

How can you work with a financial advisor to build wealth?

How can you preserve your legacy and assets from one generation to the next through financial planning?

This discussion centers around the opportunities to obtain assets in order to build a solid future for yourself and your family.



Women of color now control nearly half of all women-run businesses in America. The increasing buying power in communities of color can be traced to entrepreneurs and higher educational attainment.  However, while the number of business owners increase, access to capital has remained significantly low for these businesses.

Most women of color are relegated to financing their businesses with their own savings and bootstrapping to get their business going. This long drawn out process can hinder the potential to capture and capitalize on market opportunities and capacity building. The lack of access to capital creates additional barriers to women fast tracking their business to success. 

In this session, we will provide solutions and information on how you can acquire capital for your business.

We will discuss, what are the various ways that you can obtain capital for your business? How can a bank loan help you in your business? Should you run a crowdfunding campaign? How can you identify an angel investor for your business? How can you grow your business with venture capital dollars?



Women of Color receive the least amount of capital for their venture and private equity funds. While the Venture Capital industry touts of $17Billion in assets, Black women only received .0006% of investment dollars. Despite the efforts made by women of color, there is still a long way to go. 

This discussion centers around companies that have initiatives and funds specifically tailored to investing in women of color fund managers and businesses. In this session, you will learn, how can you build an investment track record? How can you position yourself to get capital for your fund? What are investors looking for? What’s the best way to get started as an emerging fund manager? 

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